Northland Showhunter

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Allowed Gear

Allowed Gear and Tack


  • A correctly fitted cavesson noseband
  • Spurs; including spurs with a smooth moving ball
  • Short crop
  • Leg boots and/or bandages
  • Standing or running martingale
  • Breastplate
  • Any form of snaffle bit where the primary action is on the horse’s mouth, including corners of the mouth, bars and tongue
  • Pelhams and Kimblewicks if used in their entirety, where the primary action is on the horse’s jaw. Pelhams must be used with either two separate reins or joiners. A slotted Kimblewick may only be used where the reins are not fixed in the rein slots
  • Double bridle
  • Stud guards

Not allowed (use of equipment that is not allowed will result in a no-score for the performance)

  • Drop or any kind of noseband below the bit
  • Unconventional bits where the primary action of the bit is on the poll, including any leverage action causing downwards poll pressure – for example butterfly bit, puzzle bit, gags, pessoas or Dutch gags, Filcher snaffles, hanging bits or fixed rein bits
  • Bitless bridle
  • Hackamore and elevator bits
  • Unconventional bit used as an artificial turning aid
  • German Martingales, Market Harboroughs
  • Chambon or other training equipment and draw reins
  • Rowel spurs (any spur with a moving part unless it is a spherical ball)
  • Dressage whip
  • Shadow roll, stone guard, fly screen or nets
  • Ear muffs
  • Bit guards
  • Bell Boots, hoof bands and fetlock rings (unless the judge chooses to make an exception due to extremely muddy and/or deep footing) or a veterinary injury requires protection. In the case of injury, the judge must be informed before the class begins.

The Judge’s Advisors group has the right to assess the use of any bit as allowed or not allowed. Their decision will be final.

As the list of allowed and not-allowed equipment is updated in the rules from time to time, please refer to the most up-to-date copy of the rules on the ESNZ website.

Use of disallowed gear will result in elimination.

Remember, “less is best” in Show Hunter classes.

Please refer to the ESNZ Show Hunter Information Booklet for full information on allowed and disallowed gear.