Northland Showhunter

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Equitation classes are judged on the rider's style and ability - not the horse's jumping ability.  The round must still be as smooth and as seamless as possible. Courses are usually more technical and test the rider's aptitude for adjustment, schooling and self-discipline. 

Equitation over Fences
Jumped over a shortened Show Hunter course that requires greater technical ability. The course may include (depending on the time of the season) any of the following:
  • Jump a fence from a trot
  • Drop their stirrups and jump a fence
  • Roll back turn
  • Halt 
  • Hand gallop
  • Simple change of lead
  • A single oxer from a non-related line
  • A single vertical from a non-related line
  • Rein back
  • Figure of 8
  • Counter canter
  • Flying change of lead

Equitation on the Flat
Riders will be asked to perform a variety of movements on the flat, ie, sitting trot or lengthening of stride.