Northland Showhunter

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An approved red-tagged safety helmet must be worn at all times.

If a show is an Introductory (Training) event generally casual dress is acceptable. 

For recognised classes here are some tips to help you gain those extra points:

  • A rider’s turnout is equally important as your horse. Long hair should be neatly tied up in plaits, or a bun and a hairnet.

  • Gloves should be worn, boots should be clean and shiny. Jodhpurs and jacket clean with shirt tucked in and either a tie or stock. 

  • A thoroughly clean horse with a shiny coat and oiled hooves makes a good first impression.

  • Plain well-fitting tack with a snaffle bit is preferred. A fitted shaped saddle cloth in a matching colour adds to the overall appeal. 

  • Plaiting your horse helps to show off it's bascule or topline over the fences.

  • Plain and simple is better than flamboyant and tacky. Don’t add bright colours that will distract from the overall look of the combination.

Remember - Less is Best